Cafe Gen'i-an OIMATSU

Café ‘Genian‘

A café, ‘Geni-an,‘ is provided with Arashiyama branch store in Saga where the nobles indulged in pleasures in Heian period. Whipped green tea associated with seasonal sweets, various sweets, etc. are served. Japanese flowering plants of the season in the garden will help you refresh. Your imagination may wander through the peaceful air.

Open 9:30 – 16:30 (- 16:00 for Tuesday)

あんみつあんみつ珈琲珈琲店内店内季節の生菓子(花しょうぶ)季節の生菓子 (花しょうぶ)
季節の生菓子(落とし文)季節の生菓子 (落とし文)栗善哉栗善哉本わらび餅本わらび餅貸しスペース貸しスペース 写真提供=ヴィジュアルフォークロア