Class of making Japanese Sweets

One day class for making
Japanese sweets


Enjoy a bit of history of Kyoto and feeling of the season through making sweets. A short story of history of or background behind ‘Kyo-gashi’ will be preceded to actually making sweets.

- Open: From 10:00 and from 13:30

- Time required: About an hour
(changes with number of applicants)

- Application: Reservation by 10 days or before is required

Phone: 075-463-3050 /Kataoka or Miura
Request on the contents of each class will be acceptable.

- Contents: Five (5) pieces of raw sweets
(including one for taste on making for the association of ‘maccha’ – whipped green tea)

- Price: 2,500 yen excluding consumption tax

- Minimum number of applicants for class: Three (3) persons

Originally ’Kyo-gashi’ was made to order piece by piece. It is made considering all these persons and place to eat, plate or tray to serve, etc. Message of craftsmanship is carried out through ’Kyo-gashi.’